Finding an Honest HVAC Company

Learn How To Find A Reliable HVAC Company Near You

If you own a home or manage a business with a brick and mortar location, eventually you are going to deal with HVAC issues of some kind or another. Hopefully, you’re looking ahead to future maintenance or installation of new technology and upgrades. However, sometimes you are faced with urgent or emergency issues that need to be dealt with immediately. Whatever your reasons, keep reading to learn how to find a reliable HVAC company near you.

1) Ask around: Among your friends, family, and professional contacts, there are going to be quite a few home owners or property managers that have had HVAC issues in the past. It only takes a few conversations to find out who they have used for services, and what their experience was like.

The upside to this approach is that it’s very easy, and you can get very honest feedback on local options, as easily as just posting a query to your Facebook feed. The downside is that if you have an emergency or an urgent situation, this kind of feedback can take days to coalesce fully, and you just might not have that kind of time on your side.

2) Whip out the phone book: If you need a list of possibilities quickly, then getting out your local phone directory and going to the Yellow Pages or commercial listings will give you prospects pretty fast. The speed and convenience of this is an advantage, but the disadvantages are that phone books are not as common as they used to be, and there’s also no way of knowing which businesses are any good.

You’ll likely notice that many of them have names starting with the letter “A.” That’s because traditionally, businesses based on their phone book listing get more calls the closer they are listed to the front of their column or heading get more calls. That doesn’t mean “AAAAA HVAC Pros” is a great at the HVAC business, just smart in priming their name for phone book success.

3) Check your favorite search engine: Typing in the name of your city or neighborhood plus “HVAC” is going to pop up most of the related businesses in your area. From there you can find out addresses, phone numbers, hours, and websites. Some will even list their prices, although the actual fees you pay is going to be determined by your needs and possibly the time of day and even day of the week.

The upside of this approach is finding out all the potential businesses out there. The potential downside is getting flooded with too much advertising and information.

Regardless of which of the three of these approaches you use to determine a list of potential HVAC operators in your area, all each of them does is determine a list of prospects. Figuring out which ones are good ones is another matter. Fortunately, the first and third approaches give a little help in this area.  If you live near the Dallas or Mansfield Texas areas, then we recommend AC Repair by Air Conditioning Champions Mansfield.  We have positive experiences from them so far.

In the case of asking for word-of-mouth referrals, you’re going to get direct testimony from people you know and trust about their experiences. They’ll remember good service and bad, as well as how they were personally treated, response time, how long the work took, and how much it cost. This is all valuable in determining a good HVAC business near you.

The third option, searching online, is also useful, but you must be careful. Your preferred search engine likely has user review ratings included with its listings, but are there enough reviews on each business for them to be dependable? If you can, vet a potential business through the Better Business Bureau or a site like Angie’s List.

When you need to find a reliable HVAC company near you, there are three ways to do it, as well as a few ways to figure out which ones are the good ones.

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